Saturday, November 19, 2005

The return of the King!

My wish came true! my friend returned to Athens victorious but still humble . Jim won the 4th place and impressed his opponents with his knowledge and strategic thinking. He brought back the "Best General" trophy. Everybody in Strategy Hall in Pireas is packing up for Nottingham (including me!) with the desire and hope to live side by side his next victorious steps . Pireas is sending a very strong team in the Grand Tournament in February , Jim , George and Dimitris and we are counting in all three to make their marks!!!

No wonder why Vaggelis , the owner of Strategy Hall is pleased as Punch and ideates the Independent State of Warhammer-Pireas!!! just kidding...

In detail: Jim Kasdovasilis came 4th with Lizardmen army while Dimitris Kavalarakis -21st with Empire and Xaridimos Pergantis 70 out of 154 contestants with Orcs and Goblins.

Anyway it seems that we will crew a whole fligt for England and that makes me happy considering my flight phobia!! I hope my friend Antonis is sitting next to me , I will be grapping his arm and breaking his b... the whole trip round - lucky him.
I also have to think seriously about buying an chastity belt since I will be the only woman in so many men !!!!
Guys...Keep Walking!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Break a leg Friend!

Today I feel very excited because a friend of mine is flying to the UK to participate in the 3ο HEAT TOURNAMENT in WARHAMMER WORLD in Nottingham. You might ask ..why are you excited? You are not flying..he is! …. wait until you find how long I know this guy …just 2 months! Why am I telling you all these?
Have you ever felt that you get happy out of another person’s activities that could have nothing to do with you? Well I feel this way. I met the guy and all the “ gang” as I told you two months ago in Strategy Hall in Pireas (the biggest port of Greece…), I always had this obsession with the Fantastic world , realms , princes , battlefields and desperate princesses waiting at the tower’s attic. I never had the chance to be actually involved with all these stuff until now. Until that Saturday morning that I woke up and rushed my way to the shop to check it out. I have found the place surfing through the Internet, it was in the city I live so it was an ideal place for me to hang out and experience what I wanted for so long.

When I entered the “path” and saw all these boys and men yelling and screaming (some were silent too, trying to think strategically..) .. I felt so weird. I thought I heard Gwen Stefanie singing.. “I’m just a girl”!!
Anyway I thought I should try out and see. And that was it ! Two months have passed since that day and I never miss the Painting day and the rpg sessions. I feel these people are very close to me now so ofcourse I am pleased when someone succeeds.

So ..I just want to wish my friend Jim and the other 2guys A GREAT SUCCESS - BREAK A LEG GUYS and that I am waiting to see them in the top 50 !!!

But whatever you do ..HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


What I won't forget no matter how many years pass by is the pictures of Scotland I have in my head. I had the opportunity to live in Stirling for a year for my Postgraduate studies and work for some months in Edinburgh. Scotland and Scots were great. Beatiful castles , heavenly medows lots of beer and very friendly people . What I hated though is I couldn;t find a decent place to listen to some Rock music at all!! I had to listen to Abba every Saturday..!!!
The Highlands is a place that you must definately visit if you go to Scotland, Iverness , Lochness , Isle of Sky , Oban , were some of the places I ;ve seen , all magical. Traveling with the train up there is a good way to go there . You enjoy the landscape and you can relax in the comfortable seats. If you cannot afford toom much for a sleep , a Youth Hostel is a good choic. Beware must sleep with your belongings as the pillow if you don;t want to get robbed and you must be prepared for a drunk tenant or a careless one. I still remember the Italian girl who threw her socks on my head while I was sleeping !! If you choose to visit during August you must see Edinburgh's festival . Anyway I wish I could stay there more ,I've promised myself someday I will return and have even more fun than before.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The spicy details

Well,the guys returned ,we went for dinner and after some wine the spicy details came out…

Jim had a crush with a Spanish girl , she was videotaping the game..Wherever you are prettywoman listen to my voice! Jim is calling for you!!!Hehe

Bara , their “translator” and escort did not had any intercorse with any girl!!!
Wow!! That was a different story for a change , I thought , by the time he would meet them ,(he was already there with another flight), he would have “get acquainted” with all the female creatures of the town…so that is probably the reason he was so so friendly with Jim's some of the dialogues that took place:
B:“ How are you feeling Jim?” J: “Fine , why?”B: “We can talk all night pale” J: “hmmm…I don’t think so” . Bara is heading towards the bathroom. Jim is asking: “Are you going to the bathroom?” B: Do you want to go first? , no no! Go go , please go , no problem at all!” . Suddenly the dice fall to the floor. Jim is going to pick them up. Bara is already on his way! B: Leave it Jimmy , I’ll get them for you! hmmm….no I know what you must be thinking…no , he is not gay,just weird.
Those who know him , will undestand my point… him or hate him , he is just Bara..and I hear noone was able to have a proper meal without him , he was the only one who could order in English! So except the time he remind his friend’s opponent he was missing a charge! Eleos!!!!(mercy) I guess he was kind of decent.Anyway ..their last day , they threw the dice to see who’s going to the toilet first! Jim always a winner went first!haha

Then I heard , when Dimitris lost a game , their friends tried to calm him down otherwise he was ready to break all the tables when his knights were slaughtered. Greek spirit , oh yes. Someone has to tell him the whole truth. Knights do die in Warhammer!!!

Last but not least Haridimos leaved his mark. As they were trying to find their seats on the train for Nottingham , Haridimos went to Fist class, I remind you Greeks are a little bit brunet and dark coroured , well more dark than English .
The clerk noticed the gypsy kings on fisrt class and asked for their tickets.
Clerk: “Sirs, these are tickets for the second class, here is the first class”
Haridimos: Really??? I am amazed ,your first class looks exactly like second class in Greece!!!!!!”Theos!!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


As the screams of eternal agony echo in my ears and crimson tears stream down my face,
I wander in dark alleys seeking for my Requiem..

Friday, November 11, 2005

my favorite band

Rockwave 2004
Under a -not so dying- Sun , we experienced the power of Dark Tranquillity music that left us stunned while the Swedish experienced a long shower!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Anatomist-Read it

I definately recommend this book. I was at first attracted by its cover, as we all do , but when I read the plot I found it really intriguing . I did not regret it! If you are fascinated by stories with the terrifying Holy Inquisition it's just the book for you.

A hint of the story: A doctor gets acquainted with the mysterious nature of the Female body and is accused for his eccentric statements...

Tell me your comments if you have already read it.